Structured Recess is not Recess

I love this post about recess . . . There is so much to be gained by letting kids be “kids” and letting them play without adult designed structures. This post also makes clear that the brain-based benefits of movement/exercise only happen when the kids are “free” to create, to react and to have fun.

Why Walking Laps at Recess Time Isn’t Such a Good Idea

via Why Walking Laps at Recess Time Isn’t Such a Good Idea

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Village Leadership Academy

GREAT SESSION with VLA of Chicago

Following an extraordinary Pancake Breakfast ordered in from Pilsen Grill, complete with berries and whipped cream, the workshop focused on “teacher planning”…from honoring time (in the words of Wooden read aloud to the group by Jess) to a sharing of time as a precious gift that helps us make every day majestic, to exploring coherent curriculum as a concept, to a moment in the day, for health insurance planning and finally, Planning Coherent Curriculum Units around the Social Justice topic of North America.

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To Teach Facts, Start With Feelings – InformED

The way to a students brain is through their heart . . .

It’s a well-known fact among cognitive psychologists that the brain remembers information best when it’s accompanied by emotion. In fact, the amygdala, the brain’s emotional center, is considered part of the same brain system as the hippocampus, which manages learning and memory. Studies have shown that the amygdala can even modulate the encoding and the… Read More

Source: To Teach Facts, Start With Feelings – InformED

Dynamic day with NYC Ed Leaders . . .

First off, thank you to Cathy Oliver and her staff for helping make the day run so smoothly.

I really love working with the staff developers, instructional coaches and change agents – With this type of audience you know you have to bring your “A” game but if you do, they really rise to the challenge.

Below is a list of the strategies modeled during the March 23 event

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 12.07.06 PM

In the last 15 months I have been lucky enough to have worked with  some of the leaders of the NY State (RSE-TASC) – Regional Special Education Technical Assistance Support Centers.

I have collaborated with Kelly Enders, Region 4 at the Monroe BOCES and Kathy Gomes, Region 8 Capital District BOCES.

I will be back to Rochester to work with the Region 4 team, last August we did a leadership day on Designing Professional Development for the Adult Learner, the second day, it was Preparing Students for the Test of Life, Not Just the Test.

This June 29 – 30, Robin Fogarty, my wife, will join me as we continue with those same themes, for leadership, Facilitation and Presentations Skills and for classroom teachers, How to Add Rigor and Relevance to Every Lesson.