All About Personalized Learning

What is personalized learning?
Is it something new?
Or something we already do?     

It is the next generation of
Differentiated instruction,
Student-centered classrooms,     

Individual data, goals and plans,
Awareness of strengths, weaknesses,
Readiness, interests and modalities.     

Personalized learning is all about
Student-agency, independence,
Ownership in one’s own learning,  

Personalized learning is
Self-directed, self-monitored
And self-evaluated…

It’s accomplished with
Deliberate practice with
Reach and repeat routines.

It’s ignited by one’s passion,
Rooted by growing talent,
Supported by expert coaching.

Personalized learning is one’s
Persistence to persevere,
Willingness to listen and learn.

It’s all about building character.
CHANGE what needs changing
CHALLENGE oneself to a personal best

CHOICE to do or not to do what it takes
CHAMPION of one’s personal quest
Supported by unrelenting believers in you.

  Brian M. Pete and Robin J. Fogarty 2018 

1Day on-site PD Description RFA PersonalizedLearning

 In Brief  …

CHANGE SOMETHING: Personal Pathway, Pacing, Performance or Product

CHALLENGE POTENTIAL: Self-Reflective Data-Driven Decisions

CHOICE-MAKER: Ownership of Personal Goals and Choices

CHAMPION CAUSE: Talents and Needs for Personal Best


Transfer and Application: Personalized Learning

By unlocking student talent with new information about how to develop personal expertise, teachers can increase student fluency in READING that results in deeper comprehensions skills with all reading matter.

In fact, using “deliberate practice” in WRITING, a “reach and repeat routine” keeps students performing at the edge of their potential. Practices that are deliberate are ignited with iterations to achieve a personal best. Practices are scheduled frequently, unusually brief, and coached with “actionable” feedback to ensure “reachfulness”.

Rather than continuing the typical, over-used and under-productive, “skill and drill” cycle of boring redundancies, using deliberate practice protocols develop student fluency in basic math facts, and foundational algorithms that impact student performance in all future MATH classes.