The Gift of Metacognition

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In Press-Released in June 2018


We have a gift for your teachers that has value

far beyond the session with us. It is the gift that

keeps on giving; that prepares students for the test of life.

There is no gift as precious as the gift of metacognition.

Test of Life PD Description

Teaching kids…to think about their think, to learn about

their learning,  and learn how to understand how they

can solve their own problems.


In short, give teachers the greatest gift of all;

the gift of knowing what to do, when they don’t know what to do.

At RFAteachPD, we are experts on the thinking-side of schooling,

not so much on the right answer-side of getting by.


Invite us to spend professional learning time with your teachers, and

the tone, tenor and temperament of classroom instruction will take

a turn. Students become engaged and empowered bout their own learning,

through the reflective thinking.


Metacognition is beyond the cognitive. It allows students to step back

and think about what they are going, how it’s going and what to do next.

Yes, this day of classroom reflections with your teachers…taps into

the neglected skill of reflection, mindfulness for student success.


Thinking about thinking is the magic of the message we share,

along with the strategies that ring true as students develop a sense of

self agency…as they learn how to manage their learning and start using the

quick-win strategies to rigorously think through their own challenges.


About the book: Metacognition: The Neglected Skill Set for Empowering Students

How do we prepare youngsters for the test of life? We teach them how to learn when they are not being taught. In other words, we give them the gift of self-reflection, self-awareness, self-initiative, self-direction, self-assessment and self-regulation . . . as well as the gift of knowing when they know and when they don’t know.

Teachers Love the 30 Ready-to-use Strategies

Written with the teachers in mind. It is by far, more practical than theoretical, but most definitely grounded in research findings and connected to emergent data. With the 30 ready-to-use strategies in this book, teachers are introduced to or reminded of,  the metacognitive strategies that deepen learning through explicit reflection for student planning, monitoring and evaluating their work.

Students Love the Magic of Metacognition

At the same time, as students learn how to “think about their own thinking,” they become more aware and thus, better able to make the needed adjustments on their own. They gain a sense of ownership and teachers get the results they count on through student empowerment. Metacognition is like magic for 21st Century classrooms. It changes student behaviors before your eyes and enhances their journey for success.

Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 6.53.41 PM

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