The Proof is in the Pudding

TRANSFER from Staffroom to Classroom

In our most recent staff development survey, our teachers have indicated the highest level of transfer ever recorded!  Nearly 89% responded that they have integrated 5 or more strategies per SD day this year!  (We have a 100% response rate, btw…).  Unreal!  

“It’s All about Thinking was the catalyst that has lead to district-wide professional development reform.  Collaboratively using RFA From Staffroom to Classroom as our guide, we continue to provide teachers with meaningful and transferrable instructional best practices.  We are seeing the transfer in observations and walk-throughs daily!”

Invite! Excite! Ignite! 13 Principles for Teachers

NEW! Teachers College Press by Robin Fogarty March 2016

Teacher-to-teacher collaboration is more than a survival tactic; it is the social interaction that propels professional learning. In her new book, master teacher and educational consultant Robin Fogarty offers 13 guiding principles for new teachers and school leaders. These seminal ideas, along with the stories that accompany them, will invite, excite, and ignite teachers from kindergarten to college. Each chapter includes a description of the guiding principle, a companion vignette, classroom examples, teaching and learning tips, and discussion questions. While designed for new and pre-service teachers, coaches, mentors, and seasoned veterans will also find new perspectives and ideas for their own practice and for mentoring newcomers to the profession.