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RFA Proposal: RFA Three-Tier Professional Learning Model

PD Tier 1: Building Level Book Study

The 3-tier PD model is designed to start with a book study. Teachers and Leaders, choose from the RFA Library. The teacher teams or leadership groups manage the reading and reflecting process within the buildings or using communication media such as Skype or email, texting, twitter clusters, etc with another school.

PD Tier II: Area On-Site, Face-to-Face Conference

Then, the model calls for the team of consultants to come to a central location for a one or two days to address topics in the various books under study. The teams suggest may focus chapters for the author consultants to clarify, illuminate and reflect upon or they may prefer to have the consultant highlight the key learnings to take away.

PD Tier III: Coaching for Transfer via Video Conferencing

The final session occurs as a remote Coaching Skype or Video Conference that monitors and supports classroom behaviors as teachers implement their best take-aways. This provides authentic feedback and coaching from afar for individuals and teachers or leader pairs to

In a nutshell, RFA offers a 3-Tier PD Model that provides professional learning enhanced by best practices for adult learners using multimodal methodologies, in time-efficient ways that are highly cost effective. At the same time the tiers inherently embrace best practices in adult learning. These practices include: sustained training over time, job-embedded with onsite support, and collegial professional conversations, sharing and comparing in pre-determined peer coaching pairs, as well as grade level (ie. primary), department (ie. Math) or job alike teams (ie. principals).

     Robin Fogarty & Associates’ Three-Tiered PD Model

                  PD Tier I: Book Study with Guiding Questions

                  PD Tier II: On-Site Face-to-Face Presentations

                  PD Tier III: Coaching via Video-Conferencing


#1 PD: Preparing Students for the Test of Life

Book: How to Teach Thinking Skills within the Common Core-Solution Tree

#2 PD: Who’s Doing the Talking? Engaging Student Learning

Book: Invite, Excite, Ignite Student LearningRobin Fogarty, PhD- Teacher College Press

#3 PD: The Right to Be Literate: Six Literacy Skills

Book: The Right to Be Literate: Brian Pete & Robin Fogarty-Solution Tree

#4 PD Differentiation: Different Brains Different Learners

Book: Supporting Differentiated Instruction: Robin Fogarty & Brian Pete-Solution Tree

#5 PD Informative Assessment: Routine, Reflective, Rigorous

Book: Informative Assessment: When it’s Not About a Grade-Corwin

#6 PD Problem Based Learning: PBL in a Nutshell

Book: Problem Based Learning for Deeper Thinking Across Content Areas-Pete & Fogarty- ASCD


#1 PD Staff Room to Classroom I: Planning and Coaching Adult Learners

Book: Staff Room to Classroom I: Planning and Coaching Professional Learning-Fogarty & Pete-Corwin

#2 PD Coaching for Transfer: Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions

Book: Staff Room to Classroom I: Planning and Coaching Professional Learning-Fogarty & Pete-Corwin

#3 PD Presentation and Facilitation Skills

Book: Staff Room to Classroom II: The One Minute PD Planner- Pete & Fogarty-Corwin

#4 PD School Leaders Guide to the Common Core: Achieving Results Through Rigor,Relevance

Book: School Leaders’ Guide to the Common Core: Achieving Results Through Rigor and Relevance-Solution Tree

#5 PD Leadership Series:

1-Four Roles of the Staff Developer

2-Coaching and Feedback

3.Sage on the Stage; Guide on the Side