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BLUESTREAK MATH: Transforming digital games of ENTERTAINMENT to digital games of EDUTAINMENT: BlueStreak Math Fact Fluency: See It!  Hear It! Say It! Type It! Solve It! is personalized and adaptive math fact lessons for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, (and equations) using deliberate practice rounds balanced by recovery game rounds.

Deliberate Practice-Extrapolated from Unlocking Student Talent: The New Science of Developing Expertise Practice offers an unusual commentary that actually, and gently, contradicts much of what we know about, motivation, practice and coaching. Practice, as we know it has morphed into a highly engineered skill, not that similar to the skill and drill we have learned and practiced and dreaded over the years. In this emerging picture, practice has specifically described protocols.

BLUESTREAK MATH……Epitomizes the Elements of  Deliberate Practice ProtocolsEricsson and Pool in Peak, 2016.

REPS:Deliberate practice reps are engineered with multiple iterations, finely honed adjustments to produce continued, well-designed and highly personalized progressions.

BLUESTREAK MATHProgrammed with Adaptive Progressions for Math Facts Fluency

RESISTANCE:Resistance and results refer to working at the edge of one’s ability and skill level. It’s about practicing what one does not do well, with extreme concentration and guidance with accurate and actionable feedback.

BLUESTREAK MATH...Ability to Regulate Level / Speed of Facts Practic/Game Round

RESULTS: are necessary and eagerly sought because of the intensity of this kind of deliberate, highly monitored practice, often performed in slow-motion, with attention on the form and the function to detect whether or not the intended results are evidenced.

BLUESTREAK MATH...Immediate Results with Scoring Facts & Games with Digital Records

RECOVERYRecovery, instead of “more is better,” is the protocol in deliberate practice. The intensity that accompanies carefully engineered iterations must be followed with a recovery period. While the practices are deliberately brief, the recovery benefits are needed.

BLUESTREAK MATH...Intense, Personalized Fact Practice , then, Recovery with Adaptive Digital Games

RESIDUAL:Residuals are the mental models that develop in the brain as the myelin continually wraps around the axon of the neurons, creating a “superhighway” of strength and speed for automaticity. That’s how the learner continues to find the “math fact” in the blink of an eye.

BLUESTREAK MATHMyelin Neurological Development with Use, adaptive Iterations, Strengthened with Time

REACH & REPEAT:  The practice of “deliberate practice”, personally programed and constantly monitored, embraces this effective routine called “reach and repeat”. The stretching, reaching, and effort is to surpass the previous record, determined to “create a personal best” attitude with each attempt.

BLUESTREAK MATHReach & Repeat for next level, compelling in digital gaming format.

BlueStreak Math: Math Fact Fluency (Its all about digital practice with deliberate practice protocols.

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Book: Unlocking Student Talent: The New Science of Developing Expertise- (It’s All about Deliberate Practice Protocols)-    Fogarty, Kerns, Pete. 2018