Readiness for Real World Challenges: If Not Us, Who?

Readiness for Real World Challenges is Real! It’s Not an Option! It’s Our Mission!

“Everywhere I go I see way too much scaffolded and prompted teaching – through twelfth grade
Transfer means, you have to be able, on your own, to size up when to use what you previously learned,
 i.e. analyze the challenge, and judge what to do, mindful of a repertoire of prior learnings; 
then, implement a purposeful move, and assess its effect.” Grant Wiggins

Readiness for Real World Challenges!
If Not Us, Who?
To say the words, “Our goal is College and Career Readiness” is not enough. 
It is not just something we talk about and test about and fret about. It’s our challenge!
If Not Us, Who?
School leaders must create a sense of urgency, not for higher test scores, but for
students equipped with the wherewith all to succeed against all adversities; to win.
If Not Us, Who?
School is the last stop before the Independent years set in. It’s up to us to develop
academic proficiencies, as well as student confidence, independence, student agency. 
If Not Us, Who?
Leadership teams learn how to support teachers in their important work at this annual,
conference, teaching teachers how to prepare our kids for the test of life, Not just for the test.
If Not us, Who?
If your school is on the brink of greatness, if your teachers are ready, willing and able,
sign on for RFA  Conference, Staff Room to Classroom: Think 21st Century Challenges.
If Not Us, Who?
Come to The Lodge at Santa Fe, February 20,21,22 2017 and begin a whirlwind three days
of thoughtful team explorations of the NEXT STEPS to become that School of Greatness.
If Not Us, Who?
If you believe the words, If not us, who? you know the journey ahead is paramount for success.
It’s time to rally the forces that make things happen in your school to network within this Think Tank .
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YOU WILL NOT Regret the Time, Money and Effort!
It’s a Game-Changing 3 day happening

Good News! We Can Cancel The Common Core Tests | The Huffington Post

When trying to figure out why public policy becomes public policy . . . it’s always best to follow the money – Common Core Tests are Big Money and they don’t really tell us much we don’t already know.


Tienken and his team used just three pieces of demographic data—

1) percentage of families in the community with income over $200K

2) percentage of people in the community in poverty

3) percentage of people in community with bachelor’s degreesUsing that data alone, Tienken was able to predict school district test results accurately in most cases. In New Jersey 300 or so middle schools, the team could predict middle school math and language arts test scores for well over two thirds of the schools.

Source: Good News! We Can Cancel The Common Core Tests | The Huffington Post

Entrepreneurs don’t have a special gene for risk—they come from families with money — Quartz

One could say that this report mirrors the success of schools that have middle and upper middle class students and schools where poverty is more common. BPete


We’re in an era of the cult of the entrepreneur. We analyze the Tory Burches and Evan Spiegels of the world looking for a magic formula or set of personality traits that lead to success. Entrepreneurship is on the rise, and more students coming out of business schools are choosing startup life over Wall Street.

via Entrepreneurs don’t have a special gene for risk—they come from families with money — Quartz